26 February 2024

Discovery and Development of Medicines

Get an overview of drug discovery, drug development, and the fundamentals of the major implicated disciplines.

Discovery and Development of Medicines

People involved in the development of medicines have diverse educational backgrounds. Often their basic academic educations have not touched upon all phases of the drug discovery and development. This course aims to convey knowledge of drug discovery and development in general to the participants so they may communicate across the different fields of the process.

You will be faced with real examples from the industry and discuss problems and opportunities throughout the entire drug discovery and development process. Participants will be able to convey an understanding of the dynamics of the drug development process, communicate and cooperate across research fields as well as identifying critical factors and bottlenecks that influence the discovery and development of medicines. 





We have assembled a unique team of industrial speakers, who are experts in the broad spectrum of activities involved in discovery and development of medicines. The course will cover both the theoretic background and give an industrial perspective on modern drug discovery and development.

The topics taught are:

  • Target evaluation and biopharmaceuticals
  • Identification of lead structures
  • Medicinal chemistry: Lead optimization and synthesis
  • Non-clinical safety
  • Animal biology and pharmacology
  • Preformulation
  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • Clinical trials
  • Quality assurance
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Production
  • Marketing







On completion of the course, participants will have a comprehensive overview and understanding of drug discovery and development and a sound grasp of the fundamentals of the major implicated disciplines in order to:

  • Upon completion of this course you will understand the drug discovery and development process.
  • You will have learned how to identify correct professional terms and communicate professionally with the various specialist groups in the drug development industry.
  • You will be able to identify the important transition points and milestones for the progress that require involvement of authorities.
  • You will be able to plan a development process within the regulatory framework.
















Course responsible
Assoc Prof Anders Bach, University of Copenhagen

Visiting experts from the pharmaceutical industry

Søren Østergaard, Novo Nordisk
Mads Grønborg, Novo Nordisk
Julie Kaae Klint, Lundbeck
Søren Møller Nielsen, Lundbeck
Anette Graven Sams, Lundbeck
Dorte Kold Jensen, LEO Pharma
Anders Lohse, Niels Clauson-Kaas
Per Rexen, Novo Nordisk
Morten Dahl Sørensen, LEO Pharma
Helle Northeved, Lundbeck
Klaus Gjervig Jensen, NMD Pharma
Frank Larsen, Lundbeck
Jesper F Bastlund, Lundbeck
Benjamin Hall, Lundbeck
Heidi Lopez de Diego, Lundbeck
Jette Bisgaard Boll, Lundbeck
Lars Hovgaard, Novo Nordisk
Erik Skibssted, Novo Nordisk
Petteri Heljo, LEO Pharma
Tue Hansen, Novo Nordisk
Louise Bastholm Jensen, LEO Pharma
Anette Torstenson, Lundbeck
Karina Nymark, LEO Pharma
Sidse Schjøtz, ALK
Stine Kihl-Plambek, Ferring
Christian Bressen Pipper, LEO Pharma
Gitte Dyhr, Lundbeck
Dorte Bjørn-Larsen, Novo Nordisk
Anette Hjelmsmark, Novo Nordisk
Troels V. Christensen, Lundbeck
Anders Krabbe, Zealand Pharma

This list of lecturers may be subject to change.




























Course details

Duration: 10 days on campus
Dates: 26 Feb - 1 March + 12-15 + 18 March 2024
Frequency Once every year
Place: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Course fee:
EU/EEA citizens: 21,500 DKK
Non-EU/EEA citizens: 24,975 DKK
Fees may be subject to change in 2024
Fee includes lunch/coffee
Level and credit: Master course; 5 ECTS
Examination date: Please consult the exam schedule
Application deadline: 8 weeks prior to the first day of the course
Admission: To be admitted, you must meet the admission criteria for Master of Industrial Drug Development

Course dates and application deadlines are announced via the  programme newsletter.

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