About the programme – University of Copenhagen

Master of Industrial Drug Development

Drug development is a long, complex process requiring the interaction of numerous specialist fields. Growing competition in the industry has increased the need to coordinate the many elements involved in order to accelerate the drug development process and smooth the transition of candidate drugs to market. Skilful coordination of all the disciplines involved, from early target identification and validation through safety and efficacy testing to market launch, can streamline the approach to the production of new medicines.

The overall purpose of the MIND programme is to provide the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, pre- and clinical research organisations, medical device industry and related enterprises with academic personnel who are qualified to respond to these challenges.

On completion of the programme, graduates will have a broad overview of and the ability to understand the connections between all stages of the development process from discovery to clinical trials, registration and marketing. 

The MIND programme gives drug developers the professional building blocks to liaise with other professionals within the company as well as with external partners, thus ensuring a high and up-to-date scientific level of the work carried out in multidisciplinary project teams. Graduates’ ability to effectively and critically evaluate each stage of the drug development process will allow them to predict future bottlenecks