1 November 2024

Drug Formulation and Delivery

Learn about different dosage forms, different routes of administration and the physicochemical and physiological principles underlying modern drug delivery.

Drug Formulation and Delivery

This course will introduce you to the principles of drug formulation and delivery. 

The ultimate aim of drug formulation is to deliver the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) through biological membranes to the right target in the right concentration during a defined time interval. Optimal performance of the drug formulation can be achieved by considering the physicochemical properties of API and excipients, along with both the pharmacological properties and processability of a given formulation.

Understanding the most relevant factors affecting the drug product performance enables the development of an optimal pharmaceutical product.

























We have assembled a unique team of both industrial and academic speakers, who are experts in specific dosage forms, formulation principles and the underpinning sciences. The mixture between academia and industry speakers gives you a well-rounded perspective on both the theoretic background and the application of modern drug delivery.

You will learn:

  • Think of the delivery of drugs in a pharmaceutical way
  • How the dosage form can be tailored to the needs of the patient and disease to be treated
  • Decide what administrative route, and delivery systems might be optimal for a given drug
  • About the physicochemical and physiological principles that are forming the basis of a rational development of modern dosage forms.











































































Course details

Duration: 5 days on campus
Dates: Expected to be offered next time in autumn 2024
Frequency Only available every second year
Place: University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Course fee: EU/EEA citizens: 17,200
Non-EU/EEA citizens: 19,980

The fee includes lunch/coffee.

Payment conditions

Level and credit: Master course; 4 ECTS
Examination date: Please consult the exam schedule
Application deadline: 8 weeks prior to course start
Admission: To be admitted, you must meet the admission criteria for Master of Industrial Drug Development

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