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Pharmaceutical industry, biotech and Contract Research Organizations often exchange pharmaceutical services, pharmaceutical inventions or potential drug candidates. Such pharmaceutical business to business deals are often complex and require critical assessment of scientific validity, process, quality, IPR and valuation. The course offers a comprehensive overview of pharmaceutical deal making processes on different levels of complexity, including pharmaceutical due diligence. The course will engage you in deal making cases from different perspectives; Pharma, Contract Research Organizations and Biotech.

Deal-making in the Pharmaceutical Industry is aimed at current and future leaders of pharmaceutical deal-making processes and specialists involved in any part of the deal-making process from donor to receiver of pharmaceutical B2B. By attending this course you will be supported in optimizing your specialist inputs and improve your collaborations, through interactions and discussions with leading experts in this field.

The course contains lectures and case-based workshops focusing on major aspects of leading and executing the pharmaceutical deal-making process. You will have the possibility to discuss actual cases and challenges from all course participants

We have brought together some of the best experts in all aspects of the Pharmaceutical deal making process: business development, legal aspects, asset valuation, funding of idea maturation, deal process optimization and expert assessment.

What do you gain?

Through the course you will obtain a basic and integrated understanding of deal-making in the Pharmaceutical Industry, its value chain and responsibilities for sponsor as well as receiver within the following themes:

  • Overview of deal types: marketing agreements, Licensing agreement/Product acquisition, Joint venture (CRO2Pharma, Biotech2Pharma, Pharma2Pharma, Pharma2CRO, pharma/academia).
  • Integration of information, communication, specialist and process knowledge in order to manage and contribute to complex pharmaceutical deal making processes
  • Identify key challenges in pharmaceutical deal making processes and to take responsibility for solving these, in cooperation with other specialists.

Experienced leaders and specialists from the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. Leo Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Lundbeck), biotech (e.g Serodus ASA, Astion, Gubra, Zealand Pharma) and CROs (e.g. Gubra, Scantox, Aptuit) will share processes, experiences and major learning about successful and challenging deal making  processes.

You will have good opportunities to network during discussion workshops and breaks.

Course dates:  Not scheduled

Course fee:

  • 12,900 DKK for EU/EAA citizens
  • 15,051 DKK for non-EU/EAA citizens