10-Year Anniversary – University of Copenhagen

Master of Industrial Drug Development celebrated 10 years of industry-university collaboration

The Master programme of Industrial Drug Development celebrated 10 years anniversary which marked 10 years of cutting edge industry-university collaboration between Copenhagen University and the danish pharmaceutical industry to create a customised programme suited the needs of the pharmaceutical industry in order to educate tomorrows drug developers and provide the biotech and pharmaceutical industry with qualified academic personel. 

MIND in close collaboration with the industry

Head of study Harald S. Hansen initiated the anniversary by introducing the purpose and content of the Mind programme to meet the pharmaceutical industries need for competent employees. Then Professor emeritus Ole J. Bjerrum, who was one the driving forces behind the programme, gave an insight in the close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry in the development of the programme. He stressed that this demand from and the close relationship with the industry is what makes MIND a great continuous education programme. 

The view of the student, industry and University

Former student  Tanja Lund Erichsen, Team Leader at Novo Nordisk, who completed the mind programme in 2013 told the audience about her experiences with the programme. She placed great emphasis on the professionalism amongst teachers and participants, the flexibility of the programme, and the opportunities for networking across the industry.

Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk Søren Bregenholt highlighted the need and potential for programmes like MIND. He stressed that it is essential that employees in the pharmaceutical industry understand the whole drug development process from discovery to registration. Thereby they should be capable of making the right decisions and obtain an understanding for a colleagues work situation and enhance cooperation.

"It is essential that employees in the pharmaceutical industry understand the whole drug development process in order to appreciate their colleagues’ perspectives and objectives, to collaborate optimally and to be capable of making the right project decisions - through MIND they acquire the necessary insights and skills

Søren Bregenholt, Novo Nordisk

Deputy Principal Lykke Friis from Copenhagen University also congratulated the MIND programme and stressed that the programme is unique because it is developed based on a request from – and in collaboration with the industry.

The Future for MIND

Head of Studies Harald S. Hansen took the stage again and presented the future plans for the MIND programme. In the future the MIND programme will continue its development in collaboration with the advisory board and external lecturers to continuously adapt the programme to the needs of the industry. Among these adaptions is the inclusion of a course on Pharmaceutical Due Diligence in the future programme. Harald stressed the MIND programmes great network which is central to the university’s knowledge about the industry – a knowledge that is used in research and in the lectures.