Tuition fees for non-EU/EEA citizens

Non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay higher tuition fees at institutions of higher education in Denmark. However, the following non-EU/EEA citizens will continue to pay the lower tuition fees:

  • Students with residential permits of indefinite duration or temporary residence permits with a possibility of being granted permanent residence in Denmark.
  • Students who have dual citizenship in both an EU country and a non-EU country.

See a list of EU/EEA-countries here


Excluding elective courses, the total price for the full MIND programme ranges from DKK 160,704 to 166,948.

Tuition fees include course materials and lunch/coffee. Books are not included in the fees, and must be purchased by the participants.

Master's project DKK 23,340
Compulsory courses
Clinical Pharmacology and Biostatistics DKK 24,975
Process Development and Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients DKK 14,985
Discovery and Development of Medicines DKK 24,975
Drug Discovery DKK 14,985
Drug Formulation and Delivery DKK 19,980
Drug Regulatory Affairs in Drug Development DKK 12,488
Non-clinical Safety and Toxicology DKK 12,488
Pharmacology DKK 12,488
QA, QC, GXP for Pharmaceutical Production DKK 12,488
Elective courses
Biopharmaceutical Drug Development DKK 19,900
Market Access for Pharmaceutical Products - Trends and Challenges DKK 19,900
Quality by Design (QbD) in Pharmaceutical Development DKK 19,900

Value Based Health Care - The Future for the Health Care Sector?

DKK 19,900

The prices above are in DKK and apply to 2017. All fees are subject to change. All invoices will be in DKK. Detailed descriptions of the courses can be found in the course calendar.


Students enrolled in the Master's programme will receive a 50% discount on their last course before the Master's project.

Students enrolled in the Master's programme before 1 September 2015 receive a 15% discount on all courses.

Master's project

The fee covers supervision of the project work and final examination.

Elective courses

Elective courses can be attended at The University of Copenhagen or other universities in Denmark or abroad.

The fees listed here are those applicable to the year 2017. Fees are under continuous review, and revised fees will be payable by all students admitted to, or continuing, programmes of study. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

The university cannot offer any scholarships.

The University reserves the right to cancel the registration of a student who has not paid the fee in time or who owes the University any sums of money. In the event of a student failing for any reason to complete a program of study, the University shall not be under any obligation to return any part of the fees paid by or on behalf of the student.