Target group – University of Copenhagen

Who should join MIND?

Master of Industrial Drug Development (MIND) is aimed at experienced people in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, clinical research organisations, and to some extent the medico industry, who are involved in developing drugs and need an overview of the process in its entirety as well as in-depth understanding of the individual elements. Training is tailored to project managers, group managers, divisional managers, researchers and others who have - or expect to have - responsibility for several aspects of the drug development process.

Typical participants

The typical participant has a background in fields such as engineering, pharmacy, chemistry, biochemistry or the health sciences. Commitment and interest in meeting professional challenges are requirements for the Master of Industrial Drug Development programme.

Applicants enrolling in the MIND programme or individual courses must have at least a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent followed by a minimum of two years of relevant job experience. Proficiency in English is a prerequisite.