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Structure of the MIND programme

The MIND programme is a 2-6 year part-time programme equivalent to 1 year of full-time study. MIND consists of 9 compulsory courses, a number of elective study units and a master's project.

NOTE: It is possible to participate in individual courses as a freelance student.

Compulsory courses: 30 ECTS credits
Elective study units: 10-18 ECTS credits
Master's project: 12-20 ECTS credits
In total: 60 ECTS credits

What is ECTS?

Compulsory courses

Compulsory courses are intensive one-week or two-week modules. This structure makes it possible for international participants follow the programme. Participants are expected to prepare extensively for each course and an exam is held after each course. Courses may be taken in any order. However, participants are recommended to start with the introductory overview course Discovery and Development of Medicines. Click here to see the current MIND course calendar.

Elective courses

In collaboration with a supervisor assigned by the Faculty, the participant identifies relevant elective study units that support the participant's personal study profile. 

Elective study units must be

  • At postgraduate level i.e. master or PhD-level
  • Concluded with an assessment
  • Offered by a university in Denmark or abroad.

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Master project

The master’s project is typically based on empirical data derived from experimental work, interviews or otherwise collected material. The master’s project typically consists of an evaluation and discussion of the data in relation to relevant literature as well as a conclusion on the result of the project. The project topic can be an investigation of a particular activity, implementation of an activity in a company, or a study of a particular scientific problem. In any event, the selected subject should be put into the context of the entire drug development process to the extent possible.

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Example of a study plan

Year 1: 4 compulsory courses (14 ECTS-credits)

Year 2: 5 compulsory courses (14 ECTS credits)

Year 3: 1 compulsory course + elective study units (16 ECTS credits)

Year 4:Elective study units + master's project (16 ECTS credits)