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Payment conditions

Payment conditions for the tuition fee for entire master’s programmes (under a continuing education scheme) and master’s courses (under a continuing education scheme) at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.

The tuition fee covers tuition, exam fees and assessment and, if stated in the course description, course materials, lunch and refreshments.


Applications may be withdrawn no later than one month prior to the start of the programme or the course. Applications must be withdrawn by email to Applications not withdrawn one month prior to the first day of instruction are binding, and the applicant will be charged the tuition fee applicable.

In case of illness

Provided a doctor’s certificate covering the entire period of instruction is handed in no later than three weekdays after the last day of instruction, the student is entitled to a refund.

Failure to attend a course due to for instance work related issues does not allow for a refund.


Tuition fees for programme or one or more courses must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. A shorter period for fee payment may be set for applications submitted after the application deadline. The right to a slot will be withdrawn if the tuition fees are not paid on time. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences may waive this requirement in exceptional circumstances.

After the application deadline, an admission letter will be sent to the student's email address, and an invoice will be sent to the address/email address stated in the application.


A slot on the course is conditional on payment being made by the due date.

In the event of non-payment, three reminders will be sent. If a student fails to pay after the third reminder, the amount outstanding will be collected via SKAT, the Danish tax administration office. If a master’s student fails to pay the tuition fee after the third reminder, his or her enrolment will be terminated.


Payment for a master’s course includes the right to three exam attempts.

Students who fail or do not sit an exam are not entitled to retake the course concerned free of charge. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences may waive this rule in exceptional circumstances.

The tuition fee is not refunded if a student fails to attend an exam or is expelled.

Other conditions

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences reserves the right to cancel or change the timing and venue of courses if the number of participants fails to meet the required minimum. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is not responsible for any printing errors or price adjustments on this website.